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The Wild Plum (Prunus americana) or Common Wild Plum, or American Plum, Marshall's Large Yellow Sweet Plum, has been found in every state of the U.S. except Texas, California, Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, Hawaii and Alaska. It has been very generally confounded with the Canada Plum. The fruit is smaller, rounder than that of the Canada Plum and bright red in Many cultivated varieties have been derived from this species, as it quickly responds to the gardener's care; it also forms an excellent stock upon which to graft the domestic plum.[2]

Professor Sargent says of this tree, "As an ornamental plant P. americana has real value; the long wand-like branches form a wide, graceful head which is handsome in winter and in spring is covered with masses of pure white flowers followed by ample bright foliage and abundant showy fruit."[2]

The wild plums have been found to be hosts of hop aphids, which are destructive to the hops just at the time of their maturity, so it is recommended that plum trees not be grown in the vicinity of hop fields.[2]


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