Cratageus Columbiana Columbia Hawthorn


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The Columbia Hawthorn is a Deciduous, thicket forming shrub, to about 20 ft (6 m), branches armed with thorns, 4-6 cm long, longer than the thorns of C. douglasii. Leaves alternate, or clustered at end of stem, simple, 3-7 cm long, nearly oval, base wedge-shaped and its margin entire, upper margin with 5-9 serrate lobes, dark green, glossy, smooth (or hairy) above, paler below. Flowers white, in clusters, 2-4 styles. Fruit globular, 8-11 mm wide, dark red, somewhat hairy.

Sun or part shade. Moist to dry sites.

Hardy to USDA Zone 5 Native range from southern British Columbia southward on the east side of the Cascades to northern California, along the Columbia River and its tributaries to Idaho.


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