Planting Tips
A lot of people spend a huge amount of time in the back yards just lying in the grass, maybe they feel a cool breeze of a humming bird buzzing over head.

Now just imagine the aw and envy of your neighbors you will get from your beautiful garden that you have designed and created from scratch.

You have just put so much effort into the garden picking out the perfect plants mean while not caring if the plant is native or not. Your backyard is beautiful and you are the envy of the block, but a disease hits, or frost kills your flowers, weeds the none native plants can’t compete with.

Planting native plants will attract humming birds, and other species as well. One of the main benefits of planting a garden with native plants is that native plants are easier to take care of then non native plants. According to Oregon state University Press gardening with wildflowers colors red, yellow, blue, or orange. Will attract humming birds and other various wildlife.

Tips for creating a garden of diversity:

  • Plan early know what you are going to plant
  • Design your garden with color in mind
  • Know which type of flower or tree or bush blooms during the year. Know this will help keep your garden colorful and wildlife around.
  • Setup a watering schedule preferably during the morning hours or afternoon try not to water during the even. Watering during the evening can spread plant disease.

By Steven Roach part owner of Wildnativesnursery located in Grants Pass Oregon

Some suggested readings from the Oregon State University Press.

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EC 1542 The Wildlife Garden: Attract Reptiles and Amphibians to Your Yard
EC 1548 The Wildlife Garden: Create a Garden Pond for Wildlife 
EC 1549 The Wildlife Garden: Create a Butterfly Garden 

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