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Wildnatives Nursery
Located in the heart of Southern Oregon; Wildnativesnursery stocks some of the most beautiful native plants from the Pacific Northwest.

Make Landscaping your backyard easier by planting a native plant from our nursery.

What makes us better the other nurseries is customer service.

Your satisfaction is our number one guarantee.

A lot of people spend a huge amount of time in the back yards just lying in the grass, maybe they feel a cool breeze of a humming bird buzzing over head.

Now just imagine the aw and envy of your neighbors you will get from your beautiful garden that you have designed and created from scratch.

You have just put so much effort into the garden picking out the perfect plants mean while not caring if the plant is native or not. Your backyard is beautiful and you are the envy of the block, but a disease hits, or frost kills your flowers, weeds the none native plants can’t compete with.

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